Jaco Beach Massage

Spa at Home, Jaco Costa Rica, the massage therapist will come to your home, Condo, hotel, or office in as little as 30 Minutes, or schedule in advance.

Recharge your body with a relaxing massage at your home!

Relaxing Massage


Home Massage Service Jaco, Costa Rica Relax, and DIRFT away with a measure of 120 minutes of relaxation massage. Our bed is set and the state of the art meets the needs of your body, while a ritual towel enhances the experience.



Manicures are a weekly routine for some and an occasional treat. Regardless of the frequency, manicures provide more than one layer of nail polish. The benefits extend beyond good looks and provide lifestyle benefits such as stress relief, health,


Jaco Home Manicure


Pedicure must take on an important mission to carry out their work, not keep your feet in the fall for the hype of his best conditions of professional responsibilities, both hygiene and care of injuries action on the skin, particularly recommendations.


Home Care Massage

Convenient and cheaper than a spa, Massage at home at your convenience, Our Massage therapy has been booming over the past 10 years in Jaco Beach. We are offer massage services and for any fitness centers and multidisciplinary health centers.

Professional massage at home?
We are delivering the benefits of a massage directly in our house? We all know that massage therapy offers many benefits to our health.
What is Hot Stone Therapy?
The hot stone massage is a specialized massage where the therapist uses smooth, warm stones as an extension of his or her own hands or place them in the body.

What is a Deep tissue massage?
is designed to work the deepest muscles of the body, massage, and strong message of the outer layers of the body tissue that will cover a wide range of areas in the body including back, legs, and arms.

What is a relaxation massage?
Massage is that the therapist gently applies the average hand pressure to the body, gently manipulates the tissue to promote relaxation.


Massage in the comfort of your home
You can relax in your room with your robe and have a cup of tea or return to his wine. Amazing is good? The conclusion is that the new cool way to get a massage for a massage in the comfort of your home. No other more then comfortable home places. The process is simple: You book an appointment, wait for your therapist to arrive, get a massage and pay.
Do you do Massage in Esterillos ?
Yes we can visit your place in esterillos, will charge you accordingly to your location…
Do you take credit card ?
No we do not take credit card, nevertheless you can pay us with paypal
Do you give certificate ?
Yes, we do, you can contact us to find out how to get a give certificate…
How late can visit us ?
Latest we will do a home massage is 9pm that also depend on your location.
How does Jaco Beach Massage work?
Jaco Beach Massage allows you to order a five-star massage to your home, condo, hotel, or event in as little as an 30 minutes. appointment time, a therapist will arrive at your door with massage table, fresh linens, lotions and oils.





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