Full Body Massage

Home Massage Service Jaco, Costa Rica

Full Body Massage CostaRica JacoRelax and DIRFT away with a measure of 120 minutes of relaxation massage. Our bed is set, and the state-of-the-art meets your body’s needs, while a ritual towel enhances the experience.

During his stay in a state of relaxation, travel to the seat of a beautiful deep chair and experiences a copper bowl foot dive. Meditate or dream for some time before being treated to tea and chocolate-covered strawberries. Discover a new sense of calm. Book a Massage in San Jose with home service to your hotel

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Enjoy a vigorous massage designed for the active person. This message can work a specific area, the state of the whole body, or help with post-event recovery. Give your body works hard to break what it deserves. This therapy is a favorite of our male clients.